Guardian science weekly podcast with Carole

Homo sapiens: A species torn between love and war. Introduced by Carole with Steven Pinker, Frans de Waal and Richard Wrangham

Carole has taken two shows to the Edinburgh Festival and then toured:

Carole Jahme is Bio-Diverse!

“Carole Jahme is Biodiverse is a thought-provoking comedy seminar on the importance of conservation.” **** (4 stars)


Carole Jahme is Sexually Selected!

“The comedy show, “Carole Jahme is Sexually Selected!” is great fun with lots of silly jokes and games, I recommend it” ***** (5 stars)

ThreeWeeks Edinburgh 2004

Extraordinary Animals Carole presents this C5 television documentary about Aye the clever, captive chimp who lives in Japan.

Virago Press interviews Carole.

Extract from Carole’s book Beauty and the Beasts, Woman Ape and Evolution published by Virago Press

Carole was engaged by Twentieth Century Fox to promote the feature film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes