Carole Jahme is an award winning writer and broadcaster.

Carole has been in the vanguard of identifying primatology as one of the main areas of science where women have been pre-eminent.

Carole is currently writing two fiction titles: Blonde Science & The Merry Wives of Munnar and Johnny Falling both novels are contemporary comedies.

Very nice profile of @Gorillas_Org CEO Jillian Miller and the pioneering work the #Gorilla Organization has been doing in #Rwanda #Uganda and #DRCongo, evolving from the Digit Fund UK. Helping people to help gorillas and their habitat.

Police have just arrested a car full of monitors and a sab due to the hunt making an 'allegation'. The hunt pursued a fox infront of the police whilst making arrests to which they responded 'were busy'. The police brought 14 vehicles to make arrests.


All Australians should have the patience to wait for food, water, shelter, and air.⁣
A government that denies the truth of the Climate Emergency is unable to look after peoples’ basic needs.⁣⁣
It’s 2020. The time to act on climate is now.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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