Carole Jahme is an award winning writer and broadcaster.

Carole has been in the vanguard of identifying primatology as one of the main areas of science where women have been pre-eminent.

Carole is currently writing two fiction titles: Blonde Science & The Merry Wives of Munnar and Johnny Falling both novels are contemporary comedies.

We are delighted to be hosting, on 6 May, @suzanne_moore in conversation with Kathleen Stock @Docstockk to launch Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism. Free registration via eventbrite.

People casually playing volleyball at the #volcano in #Fagradalsfjall, #Iceland yesterday 🌋

Mögulega það íslenskasta sem ég hef séð.

The partial silencing of a sister X chromosome only happens in XX females.

It’s encouraging to see more research trying to understand this process, as it can help shed light on the reasons why autoimmunity is so prevalent in women.

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